Guncam Sig Maker Help

The Sig Maker is currently in beta, so if it you find any bugs, make sure to email Growler Software.

There are three steps to creating a sig image:

  1. Open the background image
  2. Place video on image and set its size
  3. Export the video

Open Background Image - This option enables the user to open a jpeg file (.jpg), or a bitmap file (.bmp) for use in the sig image. This background image forms the base of the sig image. Click here for example.

Place and size video - Once a background image is opened, the user will be able to place the video on the image. When this option is selected, the video will automatically be placed over the background. The user can move the video to any location on the background by placing the mouse cursor over the video, clicking on the mouse button, and then dragging the video to the desired location.

The user can also resize the video by placing the mouse cursor over the right edge or bottom edge of the video, pressing down on the button, and then dragging to the desired size.

Export Sig - Once the video is properly placed and sized over the background image, you are ready to create a sig file. When this option is selected, Guncam will create an animated GIF for you to preview. If you like it, you can choose to save it. If the file is too big, you can reduce its size by reducing the image quality, or by reducing the 'frames per second' option.

Miscellaneous Options:

Quality - This option changes the quality of the image. A higher quality will produce better images, but larger files. A lower quality will produce smaller files, but the image won't look as nice

Frames per second - This option sets how many frames per second the image displays. A higher number will produce smoother video, but it will also cause the file size to be larger.

Adding effects - Use Guncam's 'Add Effects' option before entering Sig Maker (it is located in Guncam's Video Editor). The effects added with the 'Add Effects' option will show on the video in the sig image.