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Sound Setup

Growler Guncam can capture and playback sound. By default, the 'Override Window's default source' option is disabled.

Record Sound
Check this box to enable sound capture with Guncam. Sound capture can be a little tricky. Most sound cards can only record from one source at a time (e.g. CD-in or the microphone). So this option may cause software like 'Team Speak' to miss microphone recording while Guncam is in the process of recording.

This is a limitation of the sound card, and not Guncam. If you have two sound cards, it is possible to use Teamspeak and guncam together with no problem

Record Source
This box selects from the available sources that Guncam can record from. A source is a channel in the soundcard, such as Line-In or microphone. You probably want to use the source that replays what is going to the speakers, and Guncam should autodectect this source. The name of this source varies for different sound cards, but some common names are "What U Hear", "Stereo Mix" and "Record Master."

Override Window's default source
The sound card will have a default recording source when Guncam starts. However, this source is probably not what you want to record from (such as the microphone). Checking this box ensures you use the selected 'Record Source' while Guncam is recording. However, if another program is using a record source (such as Teamspeak), this override can cause that program to have problems recording (usually only one recording source can be used at a time) . This problem only happens during the duration that Guncam is recording. Teamspeak will operate normally when Guncam isn't recording.

Play Sound
Check this box to enable sound notifications and sound playback on your computer. By default, Guncam will use the preferred playback device. This is usually the speaker channel of your video card. The preferred device setup is explained in the
Setting up the Sound Card Page. You can change the default device Guncam uses with the "play destination" selector.

These check boxes can turn a particular sound off, so it won't play. 

"Resources full" sound:
This sound indicates when there are too many frames in RAM or when the maximum file size has been exceeded.

"Start capture" sound:
This indicates that a toggle trigger has been pressed, and Guncam has started recording.

"End capture" sound:
This indicates that a toggle trigger has been pressed, and Guncam has stopped recording.

"Screen Capture" sound:
This indicates that Guncam just performed a screenshot capture.

Use this button to find a .wav file on your computer that you want use for the sound.

This button will test the sound file by playing it back.

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