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Growler Guncam

This button allows the user to select a new directory for Guncam to display and record to. Guncam will automatically record to whichever directory is selected. When Guncam completes a recording, it saves it as a file in this directory, and displays information about it in the viewer below the button.

Export Video as GIF, JPG, AVI
This opens up the Video Editor window.

Preview Video
This opens a preview window which displays the selected film file. This allows the user to easily watch any video they have recorded.

Delete Selected Film
This deletes the selected film file.

Load Config file
Growler Guncam always loads to the last configuration it was set at. Use "Load config file" to load a previously saved config file. Any changes to Guncam's configuration, after loading a file, will not change the file it was loaded from.

Save Config file
This saves the current configuration to a file. This allows one to load the configuration again at a later time.

Capture Setup
This opens the
Capture Setup window.

Trigger Setup
This opens the
Trigger Setup window.

Advanced Setup
This opens the
Advanced Setup window.

Sound Setup
This opens the
Sound Setup window.

Video Export Setup
This opens the
Video Export Setup window.

Screen Shot Setup
This opens the Screen Shot Setup window.

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